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Student loan debt: complicated legal aspects to consider

In Oregon and across the United States, a married spouse who opts for divorce is bound to feel stress in one way or another. Besides the strain caused by divorce, there is anxiety about how to divide assets and properties in a fair way. Ascertaining which partner gets the house and which spouse obtains the family car is often problematic. When a spouse has a student loan debt, the natural question comes up as to who is responsible for the payments. One rule of thumb is that any debt acquired before the marriage is the spouse's private property.

Unemployment during a divorce can be a thorny issue

Getting laid off or fired during a divorce can make an already difficult situation even more stressful for spouses in Oregon and around the country. It can also add a layer of complexity to spousal support negotiations. Spouses who are expected to pay alimony may not be in a position to do so while searching for a new job. On the reverse side, spouses who receive spousal support could need more money to maintain their lifestyle while unemployed.

What Will Your Relationships Be Like After This Is All Over?

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