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When fathers seek custody after a divorce

When fathers in Oregon consider divorce, they may hold back from leaving a clearly unhealthy relationship because they are worried about losing their relationship with their children. However, across the country, family courts increasingly favor joint custody and give both fathers and mothers an equal space to seek custody of their children. Even when physical custody rests primarily with one parent, joint legal custody is generally favored to recognize both parents' important roles in major decisions about the children's future.

Documents worth using during the child custody process

Noncustodial parents who want to win custody of their children will need to show that they have taken an active role in their children's lives. It may also be necessary to show that the custodial parent has made it difficult or impossible to do so. This can be done with phone and visitation logs that show when phone calls or visits occurred and how long they lasted for.

Parents can help children get through a divorce

When Oregon parents make the decision to divorce, they may worry about how best to help their children deal with the end of the marriage. Of course, many kids struggle to adjust, because it can bring a great deal of change and uncertainty in their lives. At the same time, kids who grow up in an unhappy, tense household due to their parents' difficult relationship may absorb far more damaging messages about adult relationships. Experts emphasize that conflict is much more harmful to children than a divorce itself. If parents plan to help their children get through the separation, they can emerge with strong relationships following the divorce.

Parent-child relationships after divorce

Parents in Oregon who are getting a divorce should know that research shows that having consistent and frequent contact with their children via text and social media can be an important factor in fortifying their relationship. The researchers also determined that in cases in which the children and divorced parents are residing in separate households, the state of the relationship between the divorcing parents was not a factor in the parent-child relationship as long as there was sufficient communication between the children and parents.

The challenges of co-parenting after a divorce

When a divorce involves two individuals who do not have children, it is possible for the ex-spouses to completely separate from one another and never have interactions again. However, when children are involved, the situation can be challenging. Parents in Oregon who are going through a divorce may have the option of sole custody parenting, parallel parenting or co-parenting.

What Will Your Relationships Be Like After This Is All Over?

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