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Collaborative Divorce Attorney In Salem, OR

The end of a marriage is the end of a lifetime of plans. It’s the loss of one identity and a relationship with someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. And it can be incredibly heartbreaking and hard to manage if you and your soon-to-be-ex aren’t on the same page. 

But when you are on the same page? Or when you both want to work amicably for yourselves or for your children? Well, divorce can be much easier and you’ll be able to close this chapter of your life with greater ease and less stress. 

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Collaborative Divorce: What It Is And How It Works

Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution method you can use to avoid the stress, time and costs associated with a contentious divorce. It offers a more holistic and respectful approach for couples seeking a more amicable divorce.

Through the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse will work together to resolve all matters involving the end of your marriage, including:

The Collaborative Process

This process is a unique one that involves you and your spouse, each of your attorneys, and neutral third parties like accountants and child specialists. It’ll include individual meetings between lawyers and clients and large-group (“four-way” meetings) with all necessary parties. 

The goal: to discuss all open issues to reach a mutual agreement. The final agreement you reach in these meetings will become your final divorce decree once filed with and accepted by the court.

Two Important Caveats

To go through this process, both parties and their attorneys must sign a “no court” agreement. This shows the spouses are fully committed to the process and requires the lawyers to step down if either party pursues the divorce in court.

Also, collaborative divorce is not right for every divorcing couple. Speak to an experienced divorce attorney who can help you find the right path forward for you.

Collaborative Divorce Vs. Mediation

Divorce mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution. But, unlike collaborative divorce, mediation does not:

  • does not require either party to be represented by an attorney
  • does not include other professionals aside from one neutral third-party mediator
  • does not require parties to sign a “no court” agreement

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