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High Net Worth Divorce Attorney In Salem, OR

Going through divorce raises numerous legal issues and so many emotions. Even in the best of times, there’s a lot to figure out. This is especially true in high net worth divorces, where assets and emotions run high. Our legal team here is here to discreetly and effectively help you through your divorce.

For skilled legal representation throughout your high net worth divorce, call our Salem, OR, law firm today at 503-396-4996.

Asset Division In High Net Worth Divorces

Property is at the center of high net worth dissolution cases. To determine how to handle asset division in your divorce, you’ll need to first separate personal property from marital property. From there, you’ll need to gather all information about your assets, whose name is tied to each and how much each is worth. 

Such assets can include:

  • Investment accounts
  • Real property
  • International accounts
  • Business ownership

Also at play in determining asset division in high net worth divorce are prenuptial agreements. The circumstances surrounding the prenup and the specific terms of the agreement will require close scrutiny. 

You’ll want to have an experienced property division attorney by your side who can help you assess what you have and protect your interests. Divorce lawyer Stacy Regele has the knoweldge, skill and compassion required to support you throughout your case. 

The Role of Children, Custody And Support In High Asset Divorces

Divorces involving a high amount of assets generally means that all family members involved have experienced a high-end lifestyle. In these situations, the courts seek to determine if it’s possible to maintain that same level of lifestyle even after the parents separate. This affects everything from living arrangements to spousal support to child support

We’re here to help you protect your assets and fight for the standard of living you deserve after your divorce. Reach out to us today to learn more.

High-Touch, Accessible Legal Support During High Net Worth Divorces

One of the things that makes our Salem, OR, law firm stand out is our emphasis on access and accessibility. We are easy to get a hold of and we are conveniently located just down the road from the Marion County Courthouse.

When you want an attorney who will offer you the support and compassion you desire with the efficiency and effectiveness you require, call 503-396-4996 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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