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Collaborative Family Law

Divorce is complex and often difficult, and for this reason, you may be looking for a better way to walk through this process. For some Oregon couples, collaboration offers a way to address divorce-related concerns in a peaceful and respectful manner, finalizing the process without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom.

Collaboration is not the right choice for every couple facing divorce, but it could be a smart and beneficial option for you. We are happy to discuss this option with you, and you can trust the attorneys at Regele Law, LLC, in Salem to help you make the most beneficial decisions for your individual situation. We also assist couples wishing to work through the process of annulment.

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What Does Collaboration Involve?


A collaborative divorce requires the cooperation of both parties as they will work together to make decisions regarding their final divorce order and other related family law matters. They will collaborate, sometimes with the help of financial professionals and others, to reach positive resolutions pertaining to the following matters:

Our lawyers will guide you through the entire collaborative process, working to reduce complications, secure positive outcomes to even the most sensitive concerns and complete the necessary paperwork. Collaboration allows you to have more control over the terms of your final order and settlement, eliminating the need for litigation or input from an impersonal family law judge. We will be there to provide guidance and protect your interests every step of the way.

A Law Firm Committed To Your Interests


Our goal is to protect the interests of our clients, whether it is in traditional divorce proceedings or the collaborative family law process. We are committed to your interests and personally invested in your long-term success. Find out if collaboration is the right choice for you by contacting our office at 503-396-4996 or here to make an appointment.

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