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Documents worth using during the child custody process

Noncustodial parents who want to win custody of their children will need to show that they have taken an active role in their children's lives. It may also be necessary to show that the custodial parent has made it difficult or impossible to do so. This can be done with phone and visitation logs that show when phone calls or visits occurred and how long they lasted for.

Retirement and how division of marital property will affect you

Once you make the choice to file for divorce, you may then wonder how that decision will affect you as you move forward. Not only will you have to divide your marital property, you will also have to consider how this process will impact your retirement plans. Whether you are fast approaching your planned retirement date or you are new to the workforce, it's always prudent to think ahead. 

Advantages of prenuptial agreements

Some people in Oregon might think of a prenuptial agreement as something that is primarily for the very wealthy. While these may be the types of prenups that get the most attention in the news, couples with more modest incomes may also benefit from having one.

What Will Your Relationships Be Like After This Is All Over?

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