Your Financial Obligations After Divorce

The spousal support lawyers at Regele Law, LLC, help clients understand their financial outlook after divorce, specifically regarding spousal maintenance. Whether you will have to make payments to your ex-spouse or you will receive this type of financial support, we will work diligently to ensure that your final order is fair and reasonable and allows you to have a strong financial future.

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Types Of Spousal Support In Oregon

The intent of spousal support is to reduce the economic harm often experienced by the lesser-earning spouse brought on by the end of a marriage. The three types of spousal support in Oregon include:

  • Compensatory: This support compensates a spouse for his or her financial contributions that allowed the other spouse to get education or training required for career advancement.
  • Transitional: This provides stability for a lesser-earning spouse for a period of time so that he or she can search for employment or return to school for better career opportunities.
  • Maintenance: This type of support is either for a set amount of time or ongoing, often granted when the couple was married for a long time and there is significant discrepancy between the two spouses’ income.

When determining support, courts will consider the length of the marriage, income of both spouses, and other financial and economic factors. Our lawyers can help you seek an out-of-court spousal support settlement.

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