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Same-Sex Divorce

LGBTQ & Same-Sex Divorce In Salem, Oregon

Divorce is never easy for those going through it. At a time when so many things feel uncertain, it’s important to ensure you’re protecting yourself and preparing for your future. At Regele Law, LLC, we pursue LGBTQ and same-sex divorce for individuals in Salem, Oregon, and throughout the surrounding areas.

To work with an experienced attorney who will offer you the support and legal advice you need, all while being easy to reach throughout your divorce, call us at 503-396-4996.

Oregon Law Treats All Divorces Equally

Divorce is divorce in the eyes of Oregon law. So whether you’re part of a same-sex couple or other LGBTQ relationship, the dissolution of your marriage will be treated the same as any other. 

This means you’ll have the option to pursue divorce in either an uncontested or contested manner. You can also pursue settling differences during your divorce in many ways, including divorce mediation or collaborative divorce.

No matter which route you take, your divorce will cover topics such as:

You’ll want a clear understanding of your options and what you’ll need to resolve during your divorce before proceeding. Consider discussing your situation with experienced divorce attorney Stacy Regele.

Potential Complications Involved In LGBTQ Divorce

LGBTQ+ divorce does raise some issues that can increase complications during the process. 

For instance, LGBTQ couples were unable to marry until 2014, but many of them lived together for years before the law changing. These long-term, pre-marital relationships can sometimes come into play in court. Proceedings involving child custody for same-sex couples can be difficult to maneuver, as well. 

We know that your relationship with your child needs protection and care. Let us provide you with the supportive guidance you’ll need to ensure your bond remains strong.

Compassionate Divorce Representation For Oregon’s LGBTQ+ Community

We serve clients seeking same-sex divorce out of our Salem, OR, law firm. And we’re located just down the road from the Marion County Courthouse.

If you’d like to discuss your potential LGBTQ divorce with our team, call 503-396-4996 or email us to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you find the right next step for you and your family.