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Third-Party Child/Parent Relationship Rights

Third-Party Child/Parent Relationship Rights

Divorce or estrangement in a family can lead to difficulty between parents and extended family members over access to the children. In some cases, individuals other than the parents may have a rightful claim to parenting time, as long as it is in the best interests of the children.

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At Regele Law, LLC, we are adept at helping clients with complex cases pertaining to third-party access to children and parental rights. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and sometimes siblings play important roles in the life of a child, and the courts acknowledge the importance of these relationships. Our lawyers will work closely with you to help you understand your rights and pursue the most beneficial outcome to your case.

When Do Psychological Parents Have Rights?

A psychological parent is not the actual biological parent of a child, but he or she is a person who has a strong relationship with the child. These are often extended family members. Courts often acknowledge the importance of these relationships and the concerns of nontraditional families, particularly in cases involving:

  • Alleged child abuse or neglect
  • Disruption of a child’s relationships after divorce or a family dispute
  • Drug use by the parents or another reason for being unfit

When a third party or psychological parent wishes to secure parenting time rights or legal custody, there must be clear evidence that this would be in the children’s best interests. Our attorneys understand that these situations are sensitive and complicated. An out-of-court solution is possible, but we have experience representing the interests of individuals on both sides of these cases in court as well. Courts also consider sibling placement and parental preference when decisions about child placement are being considered.

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