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Same-Sex Child Custody

Same-Sex Child Custody

The unfortunate truth of relationship troubles is that children often get caught up in the middle of the stress and strain of all of it. It doesn’t have to be this way for you, though. You can protect your children from the stress caused by child custody and parenting disputes. All it takes is finding the right attorney who will provide you with the support, care and compassion you all need at this time.

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Easing The Efforts Involved In Creating Parenting Plans 

Parenting plans, also known as visitation, are enforceable agreements involving legal decisions and living arrangements for your children. Oregon law requires that every parenting plan focus on the best interests of your children.

Working with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to create a parenting plan that you both can agree to is not easy, however. To help pave the way to a parenting plan you can agree to, we’ll provide you with the structure and advice needed to address items such as:

  • Residential schedules / living arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Travel notices and preferences
  • Holiday schedules 
  • Medical and religious preferences
  • School and extracurricular activity decisions

It’s important you understand that your rights in an LGBTQ custody case is no different than for any other couple—straight or otherwise. Neither parent gets preferential treatment and both parents are equally expected to uphold their obligations under the plan. 

Same-Sex Child Custody Enforcement And Modification Requests 

Even with the best of intentions, no parenting plan or custody agreement will stay the same. Circumstances change, especially as children age. The courts acknowledge this and have created processes to help you adjust your parenting plan as needed.

We know changing circumstances can bring about turbulence and uncertainty. That’s why we’re here to stand by your side and help you:

  • Address move-away requests
  • Enforce an existing parenting plan
  • Modify custody based on substantial change in circumstances

No matter what’s going on or what has changed in regard to your LGBTQ custody arrangement, one thing will remain constant: our support for you. 

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