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Announcing your divorce takes thought

For some people, letting others know that they’re going through a divorce is a challenging event. They may only want those close to them to know about the split, at first. Eventually, however, the news is going to make its way around before long. If there are people you’d rather hear the news from you, plan on telling them early in the process. 

When you do decide to share the news, it is best to stick to the facts. One thing that you should avoid is badmouthing your ex. This is partially because it just isn’t necessary to be derogatory toward your ex, but also because you don’t know who might go back and tell them what you’re saying. Introducing more negativity into the situation will only make things even more difficult with the divorce. 

Another thing to remember when you’re speaking to others is that not everyone is going to be happy about the end of the marriage. Some people might be upset that you’re calling it quits. This is often the case for people who are deeply religious and don’t believe in divorce. 

Some people may try to dole out advice when you speak to them. While they mean well, try to remember that every divorce is different so the things that happened in their divorces might not benefit yours. (Trust to your attorney’s advice over the advice of your friends.)

Your divorce team is your best source of information when you’re going through the split. Discuss decisions with them and ensure you understand your options before you make decisions about each matter. This helps ensure the best possible outcome for your case.