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Let go of the little things to avoid complicating your divorce

We know how contentious most divorces can be. One or both spouses are angry, hurt and probably concerned about the outcome, especially when couples have kids together. Often, these negative emotions take over your life, potentially blinding you to what matters most. As you might expect, this can add additional complications to an already painful situation.

In our time providing family law services to Salem, Oregon, residents, we have seen couples lose themselves in arguments over small issues that do not really matter in the grand scheme of things. We offer four examples of mostly pointless arguments for you to consider.

  • Both spouses want to keep an existing email account: Logically, you know this does not matter. Let go of the account and the fight by creating a new email account.
  • Both spouses want to keep that old comfortable sofa: Again, this makes no difference in the outcome of your divorce. Let that sofa go and start your new life with new (or used) furniture.
  • Both spouses want that expensive but old food processor: You can always get yourself another food processor so why not let it go to make your divorce easier.
  • Both spouses want to hang on to a shared pet: Our family law attorneys understand that pets are like children to many people. However, letting this issue overcomplicate your divorce is not a smart idea.

Many people believe that letting go of even the tiniest matter is a sign of weakness. We assure you that this is not true and that in most cases, it is simply your emotions getting the best of you. What matters the most is finding a fair resolution that will ultimately bring you and your children peace of mind.

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