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Starting to move forward after a divorce

People in Oregon going through a divorce may struggle with the emotional, practical and financial consequences of the end of a marriage. It can be difficult for people to get through the period immediately after a divorce, especially after a long-term relationship. However, as nearly 50% of first-time marriages end in divorce, this recovery period is something that many people may need to go through. Some may struggle with depression, isolation and even addiction. However, there are things that people can do to help themselves get through the difficult post-divorce period and move toward a different future.

Family and friends can be a real comfort in an emotionally challenging time. People can turn to their loved ones for support and advice, and they can trust that their loved ones will always be on their side. Some may have more intimate or difficult issues to handle, and they may want to seek professional help with a therapist, especially if they do not feel entirely comfortable revealing all of the private details of their relationship to friends and family. In either case, people can benefit from talking out their feelings and issues during and after their divorce.

In addition, people can benefit from taking up new activities and interests that can help to define their new lives on their own. Some people may want to take a class while others may take up sports, gaming or other group activities. Physical exercise can also be an important outlet after a divorce, from improving fitness to getting out anger in a positive manner.

When people decide to divorce, they may have a number of concerns, especially planning for a single financial future. A family law attorney might help a divorcing spouse to negotiate a fair agreement on a wide range of issues, including property division and spousal support.