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There’s a 1 in 20 chance that your spouse has a hidden bank account

Securing a fair outcome in an Oregon divorce means making yourself aware of exactly what assets and debts you and your spouse accrued during your marriage. If you don’t have access to financial records or if you underestimate what your marital estate is worth, you may not know to ask for what you should truly get. 

It’s also possible that your spouse could intentionally try to trick you by hiding assets from you and the courts in order to exclude them from property division in your divorce. While this may seem like the kind of thing that only a very few people would do, research actually indicates that roughly 6% or over 1 and 20 Americans admit to having a hidden account that their spouse doesn’t know about.

There are financial professionals who can help you

Tracking down an account that your spouse doesn’t want you to find isn’t necessarily easy. In some cases, people can go to great lengths to keep assets hidden from their spouse and the courts prior to a divorce. International accounts are one way to make it harder for a spouse to track diverted marital income. 

There are professionals out there, like forensic accountants, who can help you track down a hidden account or at least put a value on the income that your spouse earned during marriage but diverted to a private, hidden account.

The more you know about the assets from your marriage, the better you can advocate for yourself during the asset division process in your divorce.