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Common divorce reasons

One of the most common reasons for divorce in Oregon and the rest of the country is illness. According to one chief psychologist and marriage counselor, health problems can cause a number of issues in a marriage, including debt, loss of self and pain.

Many divorces can also be attributed to domestic violence. Nearly 25 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that both emotional and physical abuse led to the end of their marriage. A large number of the respondents stated that the abuse developed gradually and that there were periods in which strong remorse would follow intense instances of abuse.

Divorces also tend to occur if one or both of the spouses are abusing drugs or alcohol. According to the results of the NCBI study, at least one spouse in half of the former married couples who participated in the study reported substance abuse as a contributing factor in their divorce. Both partners shared the view that substance abuse was the root cause of their divorce in only 33.3 percent of the cases.

Problems with money are another common reason for divorce. Differing methods of handling finances can be a point of contention for couples. Tensions can result if one partner prefers to save money and the other partner likes to spend money. In order to avoid the conflicting attitudes about money becoming a factor in a divorce, couples should try to find ways to have their differing financial habits balance each other.

A divorce attorney may consider the factors of a divorce and may advise clients about what legal steps should be taken to obtain favorable divorce settlement terms. The attorney might litigate to resolve disputes regarding the division of assets, spousal support and child custody.