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Strategies for fathers involved in child custody battles

Fathers in Oregon might assume that family courts will favor mothers in child custody decisions. However, the legal system can serve the needs of moms and dads in this situation. The process requires fathers to come to terms with their emotions so that they can focus on defending their parental rights.

Child custody disputes can potentially become very bitter. When parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, then a court will eventually make the decision for them. Men can begin to overcome their animosity toward former partners by understanding that an angry and prolonged dispute might damage their relationship with the children. By trying to move beyond hurt feelings and anger, men can make mental room for nurturing their children and strategically pursuing custody or visitation.

To focus on the child’s best interests, fathers can suggest custody schedules that enable them to have quality parenting time. Insisting on a custody schedule that leaves the child with a babysitter most of the time might be rejected by the mother as unreasonable. Fathers also need to demonstrate that they have safe and adequate housing for their children before approaching a court and asking for custody.

Legal representation could prepare a father to resolve issues around child custody. An attorney might manage discussions with the mother and broker a compromise that diffuses a dispute. In contentious case, an attorney familiar with father’s rights and paternity could petition a court to recognize a father and grant custody or visitation. Legal counsel could organize evidence that refutes the other party’s allegations against the father that might paint him as unfit. Such an effort might convince a judge to issue a fair decision that preserves a father’s relationship with his children.