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Amazon CEO divorce offers lessons

Oregon couples who are contemplating divorce might be able to take some lessons from the high-profile divorce case of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, one of the highest net worth divorces in history. High net worth divorces are more complex than others, so there are steps that should be taken by the couple to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Because high net worth individuals often have several different types of assets, divorce can be very complicated.

It is important for the couple to narrow the focus of the divorce and decide on their most important goals. In many divorce cases, the individuals involved do not get everything they want. The spouses should endeavor to maintain normalcy in their business and social lives and avoid negative comments about one another while they negotiate according to their priorities.

Regardless of the net worth of the individuals involved, they will be required to make important financial decisions during an emotionally trying period. Hiring professionals like attorneys, accountants and financial professionals may help the divorcing parties avoid making emotional mistakes. The stresses of divorce can lead to diminished concentration for people who run businesses, hurting income and company value. Depending on how a company is divided, the company owner might have to give up some level of control as part of a divorce settlement. Above all, the parties should control those elements that they can: their own actions and attitudes.

In a divorce case involving a high net worth couple, an attorney might be able to help by categorizing and identifying the assets and liabilities of the parties or by negotiating the specifics of property division with the other side. In divorce cases involving children, an attorney might develop a child support or child custody plant for approval by the court.