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Interstate Child Custody

Interstate Child Custody Attorney In Marion County

Child custody cases become increasingly complicated when a parent relocates to or lives in another state. As the custody battle crosses state lines, ensuring that both parents have an equal say in the upbringing of the child can be challenging. 

Regele Law, LLC offers compassionate and committed representation to parents in and around the Salem, Oregon area. We know how confusing interstate child custody cases can be, and make every effort to arm you with the information and advice you need to understand your rights and legal options. Call us at 503-396-4996 today for the support you deserve.

Managing The Complexities Of Out-Of-State Custody Cases

When parents live in different states, the physical distance between them can place significant strain on a custody arrangement—not to mention the child themselves. When creating or modifying an interstate custody arrangement, it is important to consider all factors associated with the distance involved, including the time and expense of traveling between homes. 

It is also important to remember that both parents have rights in out-of-state custody cases—one parent simply cannot decide to move and relocate the child without the permission of the courts or the other parent. 

If your former spouse has decided to move and you oppose the relocation of your child or feel that interstate joint custody is against your child’s best interests, you have the right to seek a motion to prevent the relocation.

Determining Jurisdiction In Interstate Custody Disputes

If one parent has already relocated before the child custody hearing, or a parent wishes to modify an existing custody arrangement after moving, the question of jurisdiction becomes important. 

Every state has its own set of child custody laws and guidelines. When parents live in different states, it can be difficult to know which rules apply to their child custody dispute. Fortunately, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act provides some guidance over which court should decide an interstate child custody case. 

The UCCJEA outlines four factors that should be considered when determining jurisdiction:

  • The child’s home state
  • Significant connections
  • The more appropriate forum
  • Lack of other state jurisdiction

We help you understand how the UCCJEA applies to your case, and how you can determine whether Oregon law or another state’s law should be considered in your out-of-state custody case. 

Committed Child Custody Representation For Oregon Parents

Fighting a child custody battle across state lines isn’t easy. You need a lawyer who understands the UCCJEA and Oregon law. You also need a lawyer who will be there to lend an ear as you work through the emotional aspects of your case. 

At Regele Law, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer comprehensive legal guidance and compassionate client support. To schedule an appointment to discuss your interstate child custody case, call 503-396-4996 or email us today.

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